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Defender cubby box insert

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Just ordered one of these http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/MUDTunnelTray.html which I think is a brilliant idea for increasing oddments storage.

However ...

My Defender has one of the new style cubby boxes with the moulded cupholders in the front. I hate these - they are much less useful than the old rectangular compartment in the front of the older cubby boxes fitted up till a few years ago, which were good for storing glasses (I have prescription sunglasses and need somewhere to keep them) mobile, cheque book etc.

You can take out the cupholder insert - but in a cost cutting measure Land Rover ended the vinyl trim just out of sight behind the plastic insert so it looks awful if you do take it out with roughly cut off trim and bare wood. Does anybody know of a "box shaped" plastic insert you can buy to replace the cupholders with something more useful? Trying to make something or just painting the bare wood inside would probably end up looking like a bodge up which I don't really want in the front of a new vehicle, but neither do I want 4 cupholders or people might think I am American or something.

My other alternatives include swapping for a decent older type cubby box out of another vehicle (if I can find one - most seem to get damaged fairly quickly) or buying a new cubby box but I don't want to do either really as the old style boxes are grey not black and show the dirt much more, and buying a new one is expensive!

Just trying to be a cheapskate as usual but I can't believe I am the only one who prefers the old type box - any ideas?

Ta :)

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Guest diesel_jim

How about cut some pieces of aluminium sheet? would be easy to mark them and then cut to size.

then get someone to tack them together with a tig welder, bit of black paint, instant removable trinket tray.

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Make up an open box insert out of thin plywood. Line it with vinyl (or whatever) glued in place making sure you fold it over the top edges as per LR's trick with the cubby box so that the edges look neat when it's fitted.

That's an idea ... finding some vinyl may be the problem :huh: but if all else fails :)

cheers ;)

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My cubby box (think it was from Exmoor Trim, the cheapest one they make) just has some thick felt carpet type material lining it. Looks neat enough and stops stuff rattling around in there. It's just stapled in round the sides and the bottom piece comes out so you can unscrew the box.


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