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Let's compare choppers


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Due to the imminent* start of constructing a workshop/garage/shed/evil lair I will need to get myself a chop saw to do the steel frame. Question is, which one? I don't think it'll get much use after the garage is finished so doesn't need to be super-fantastic (or indeed, expensive if it can be avoided). I have seen these TCT ones (this for example) which seem to cost more but cut everything and not go through blades so quickly. Anyone got any experience with them?

* = Actual imminence may vary in a Will Warne stylee.

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I use chop saws all of the time, the blades can be quite expensive and cut steel like butter if you use them slowly. The tungsten tips dont like harder steel like cds tube or stainless steel. I have the abrasive one also which I still use if cutting anything other than standard mild steel. I have a seperate tct blade for stainless.

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> I understand that Al's chopper is quite small though

> Les.

> At least it won't have suffered any heavy usage - for example building a vehicle :lol:

Is it Tuesday? :unsure:

Look people. 'Take The tiddle Out Of Al Tuesday' happens on a TUESDAY - the clue is in the name. ;)

Today is FRIDAY.

Small chopper indeed...

I'm watching you, Henson.


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