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300tdi plastic plug just parted company


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Ok I know its late and its a friday night but does anyone know what size the replacement plug is. Done a search but got conflicting answers, is it 1/2 inch bsp or 1/2 inch npt. And the rangerover brass plugs are they all the same size as mate might have some of these.

Wouldn't normally be a problem but the one on the thermostat housing has just split in two pieces and I really need the car running saturday evening. Lost some water but hoping its not cooked.

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call X-eng & get 1 or 2 of Si's really neat alloy plugs, the RR items maybe same thread, nick one off your mate & try it, but only if it screws in easily, don't force it. IIRC 1/2 inch BSP thread. or try local plumber merchant or B&Q plumbing section for blanking plug radiator.

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Before i went round Aus i replaced all the palstic ones on the 90's 300 Tdi with the brass ones from the old V8's and seris. They all fit. So just go to a dealer and get the brass plugs for the older ones , and then swap them over

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one of these does the job nicely. remember the appropriate washer for underneath it though. screwfix one looks a bit rough, i had a swish brushed one for a while...gold...oh yeah.

i now have a little 1/2" let off valve in my plug as the combination of rover and isuzu left me without any sort of radiator cap...doh.

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