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Rusty crank seal surface


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Hi Folks

Help is needed, in order to speed up the process off getting The Kitten on the road a 2,5 petrol was bought on eblag,but guess what, the seller had removed the flywheel and housing with out telling in the description :angry: , and that is not the worst thing if only, it has been left out side so the surface where the rear seal has to run is rusty :( .

My thoughts is: plugs out, turning the crank with air impact wrench polishing the surface meanwhile with the air grinder fitted with a very fine flap thing 220 or so.

Have a look at the picture:


What are your thoughts?

Looking very much forward to get the good ideas coming.

Kind regards


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Scotchbrite (the green plastic wool pan cleaners) is great, it doesnt score or take metal off, only rust and paint.

Old spot X2 Scotchbrite M3 there are two types, red and grey... start with the red one its "coarse" and then grey which is fine... then polish it with Autosol or something similar.. if its not just surface rust, then you'll have to use some fine sand paper, but I wouldnt use any power tools

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