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I'm off


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Folks, the ferry sails tomorrow night.

I've only to rivet the rear floor down, re-install the interior from the rear seat squab back, get some form of sounds going, refit the rear wiper and try figure out if my rear screen heat is knackered or just badly connected, refit the front washer system, fit some kind of kill switch, tweek dash wiring and bleed the brakes - between now and then :lol:

Still, first road test today - I know, I know, cutting it close but I've been slogging in the shed till midnight the last few weeks so I only just made it. 150 odd miles and she hasn't lost a single drop of anything fluid. As the LR specialist I called to pay a debt with today said - "it obviously isn't a Land Rover"

Something that struck me - my turbo seems to pretty much always be on song even at low speeds?

Anyway I digress, you'll be glad to hear the incessant questions will stop now for a few months, I'll still be dropping by to let you know how things are in my pants though, whenever I find a net cafe :rolleyes:

Right so, I'm hanging around for a bit to check on this serpentine pulley thread but basically I'm outtie...

Thanks for being yous :lol: don't ever change


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