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110 side bins military type

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The original military side bins were specifically for jerry cans and open framed. Believe the wolf bins are enclosed.

Foleys and other expedition places should do bins as an alternative to scrapiron.

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Those LandieBox stowage units are lovely and very convenient

My mate has a 110 V8 with the 1st generation side stowage units that has the flat doors that are quite flush to the bodywork

The Wolf XD 110's was an improved version with protruding doors. Each bay holds two Jerrycans, fuel goes in the left and water in the right (on RHD vehciles) they are quite spacious.


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foley do sell them but again they are about £120 + vat a side. But bigger from what I can work out than the landie boxes.

I've been looking at ebay etc at cheap metal lockers to see if they can be adapted...would save a load of hassle!

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I made mine using treadplate bent up into an 'L' shape with a flange all the way round, riveted and glued it inplace under the wheel arch and then cut an access hatch into the top, to give access from the inside.



Have you got any photos?



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yep some pics here


Rivets are visible but will blend in when i respray it


view from underneath showing how the box tucks up out of the way


inside shot with lid shut


its possible to fit a surprising amount of stuff in... who said all those hours playing tetris were wasted :lol:


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