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Tech archive camera.

Les Henson

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The camera I use for the tech archive pictures is gasping it's last (I have to poke the lens back in, it makes a funny noise when the motor runs, and it is spattered with underseal and other general crud), and as I need a new one for me hols anyway - I thought now would be a good time to get one. It's a Samsung Digimax S600, and has been very good for close-up pics of busted/dirty/bent Land Rover bits. I'd like something that thinks for me - I can't be bothered/know how to mess around with settings. Just point and shoot, with the ability to take clear close-up pictures as well as normal ones. Budget is about £150, so I should get a half decent one for that price? The last two only really lasted just over a year - not surprising with the abuse they get. I don't use E-blag or internet buying, so it would have to be from a shop, such as pcworld, argos, or whatever. Any recommendations?


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I have a panasonix DMC-TZ3 bought for the work workshop (electronics) but most often found in the landy workshop. It was £200 about 6 months ago. Can't remember the resolution, but the 10x optical zoom is excellent, close focus is very good if you don't zoom too much, and the image stabiliser is excellent for making non-fuzzy detail shots. Less barrel distortion than others I've tried when shooting technical detail.

Don't bother trying to shoot fast action shots with it though!

A brief search shows £170 in Dixons so a bit over budget :-(

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Jessops do sell a good selection of cameras, but they are not the cheapest by a long chalk!

I bought a Pentax Optio WP around three years ago - so it's obviously out of date now! Easy to use and best of all it is waterproof! (ideal for my fishing pics!).

It could be worth a peek in your local Cash Converter's and seeing if they have anything decent 2nd hand.


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To be honest I would go for a newer model Samsung. I have a Nikon Coolpix as a cheap camera (supposed to be easy to use) and a Canon SLR and the Nikon is more difficult to set up than the semi pro Canon. My old Samsung always took good pics (and still does) on full auto mode. Argos have a nice 10 mega pixel Samsung for half price at the moment if you are quick, its reduced from £200 down to £99.99. Link is below if you want to copy and paste it......


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another vote for the cannon powershot range here, cheap as chips, work after you have dropped them and importantly for me they take normal AA batteries so you dont have to charge them up when say camping in Portugal!

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