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Torque Wrench Recommendations


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Howdy folks.

I only have a crappy torque wrench and I want something a bit more betterer.

What do you have and how do you find it? Good ones / bad ones / cheapo / expensive - what are your experiences?

Cheers for all inputs.



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One of the supermarkets (ALDI/NETTO can't remember which one) has one on offer this week for a tenner - no idea how good there are, SWMBO is picking one up for me tomorrow.

Also (sorry, I am about to hijack your thread!), I have heard people say they have had theirs calibrated - how is this done ?

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Halfords own, was given to me as a present, it's been fine for me, i could do with one with a lower range, the halfords one starts at quite a high torque.

I have the mid range halfords model and it seems to perform as it should, they do offer 3 sizes with varying degrees of strength / drive size.

They also won "best buy" recently in Car Mechanics magazine, apparently, they are made in the uk by a very well known and respected toolmaker!

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Halfords Pro always used to be Sykes-Pickavent. The lines between the decent names are all fairly blurred these days anyway...

I had a Clarke one until recently when I replaced it with a halfords pro one, and have been very pleased with it.



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I was given a Britool 1/2" drive which is very nice, though could do with a 3/4" and a 1/4" as well to cover all likely torque settings and it has a fixed rather than ratcheting end which has its advantages and disadvantage. One tool rearly covers all situations.

One question about cheap torque wrenches and ones with greater torque ranges is just how accurate they are and how bunched up the scales are?

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I've got a 1/2 sealey one that was on offer from one of our parts companies. Cost me about £16, I've used it 5 days a week, about 3 to four times a day depending on what jobs i've got and it's been great. I've had it about 8 months, being calibrated about 3 months ago. Not sure what they do to calibrate them as I've never asked or wtahced, will do next time.

Last I heard about Halfords tools, they were made by Facom, who I *think* own/are Britool aswell. Either way Halfords Pro range is excellent, try and get yourself a trade card to save a few ££'s, had mine for about 3 years and saved anything from £2 to £50 depending on what you spend, but well worth it.


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Al, one word --- NORBAR good quaility & accurate, had mine since 1982 IIRC & still accurate when tested on the torque analyser at work.

Please contact Norbar for the most appropriate Distributor for you to contact:

Norbar Torque Tools Ltd

Beaumont Road



OX16 1XJ


Tel:  + 44 (0) 1295 753600

Fax: + 44 (0) 1295 753609

Email: enquiry@norbar.com

Torque Wrench Service & Calibration

Multiplier Service & Calibration

Electronic Service & Calibration

Nationally Accredited Torque Calibration Lab

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I have a very old Sykes Pickavent one which served well and also a Halfords one. I haven't a clue how accurate they are though but I have used both to rebuild engines in the past without any problems.

On the other side of things I have also used a 3' scaffold pole and a 5' scaffold pole on the end of a 3/4 drive T bar.

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