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LRO show new off roader


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Without knowing what vehicle you've got it's a bit tricky to say really - the off-road courses at these events are usually relatively tame and designed for everyone. If you've got a defender you should be off to a good start.

Best advice, if you've never driven off-road before, is to read up on how to drive off-road before you actually go off-road. I'd advise joining a local club and getting some tips rather than jumping in at an event like the LRO show where the quality of help available can be variable.

If in doubt - follow someone driving a similar vehicle to your own, on the basis that if they get through, you should be able to as well.

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would I need recovery points?


Check out the posts in the tech archive forum for a pretty good idea of what you need (and what not to do - though marshals at these events should take control of any recovery anyway)

If you are new to it all then remember that water up over the roof looks great in photos but is often a recipe for serious engine damage if you get it wrong! :)

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I'll be doing the 'easy' course, even a bog standard freelander will get through it without a doubt as they have to cater for everyone.

The more advanced route will be for those with some experience, decent recovery points, and more prepped vehicles, with underbody protection etc.

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going to the LRO show in september and fancy the off road course, but never done any off roading before.

There are two courses available, woulde the basic course be OK for me and would I need recovery points?

yes the basic course should be fine for a begginer, as its a show it wont be anything really tricky. i would suggest you get some recovery points as if you do get stuck you will need to be pulled out.

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