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whats a fair value for this


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Not sure if this belongs here or classifieds (Sorry if on wrong one), I stumbled across this, and wondered what a sensible value would be for it - There doesnt seem to be a standard price for series - and this one looks quite interesting? -


I have been to see it, and it seems a reasonaly tidy car - it does need a bit of welding on the front two footwells, and it certainly should be called Joseph (aka multi coloured coat), but it doesnt seem to smoke or knock...

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Looks good, although the y guy is flowering it up a bit, and loves using the 'original' word a lot.

It depends on how much it goes for in the end obviously.

This is not your normal Land Rover rust bucket Series II trying to get through its next MOT !!!

Well, yes it is really. picture of corrosion is an MOT fail.

Areas for immediate attention are a couple of holes in the bulkhead - namely on the door pillars and footwell
The car starts and runs ok, although if keeping it I would take the engine out to recondition it at some point,

If it starts and runs ok, why the need to remove and re-build the engine?

It was originally beige in colour - as can be seen in some of the pictures, but has at sometime been painted green and then blue. The paint is of course flaking off as you can see, but this is in my opinion a positive thing, I have used a heat gun and wooden scraper and it is very easy to get the extra coats of paint off and get back to the original beige colour.

Had a go and thought "bugger this, I'm flogging the motor" ? - well maybe.

Bid on it up to what you are prepared to pay.

Les. :)

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Its a failr original series, in reasinable condition, but with some fairly obvious problems.

The really endearing item that would make this something to seriously buy it over others similar to it would be the new chassis 5 years ago, as Les has said there rot to be chopped and welded, the paintwork is horrible, and basically you'll find I have no doubt a load more "Ickle probs" on it if you buy it / run it / look closely over the fist few weeks / months.

BUT, with a 5 year old new chasssis (assuming here it was NEW NEW and not NEW Secondhand Chassis ?) then the backbone of the LR is sound....everything else is fixable / boltable.

It is a heap though when all siad and done, and don't be suprised if it makes strong money from someone who wnats it as a resto project....

As Les says, do your home work, and decide on if you really wnat it - and then a price, there are LR out there in the Series world who have had £££££££££££ Lavished on them by enthusaistic owners, they represnt value for money to the buyer, yes they cost more than this heap, but you'll save time and money and lots of it buying one that has been properly looked after and maintained.....


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Also getting more difficult to get bits for. 2.25 bits are two a penny - you can't even give them away!

Thing to ask yourself is are you able to do all the work on this truck yourself? If the answer is no then go buy a better one casue it'll cost a fortune in a garage to put right.

Can yuo weld the bulkhead up yourself etc?


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If you want something to restore and go to shows in then it's probably ideal - 2 litre Series 2's are not exactly common and its a very early one too. It looks straight enough and pretty original. Pop a ragtop on it, sort the bulkhead and give it a lick of paint and you'd have a nice little weekend toy.

If you want a daily driver or something to go laning/playdaying in then you would be much better off with a 2.25 for the reasons stated above.

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