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OK, the fuse label on my 90 (stuck on the inside of the fuse cover below the bulkhead) is all out of sync with the fuses. For a start it only shows 8 or so when I seem to have nearer to 20. All well and good until something stops working and then tracking down which fuse becomes so much more difficult and I'm not even sure if what's in there is of the correct rating.

I've tracked down some part numbers:

PRC3389 Up to 270139

PRC5670 From 270139 To FA423988

PRC8245 From FA423989 To HA906454

PRC9902 From HA906455

AMR3771 300TDi

So there are clearly several variants.

To help me track down which one is correct for my loom could you post up pics of your fuse labels and indicate which of the above you think it is.


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printed labels? you lucky, lucky, lucky..

Mine's got an indecipherable handwritten sticky label, bearing a code that was doubtless clear to its author, although bears no resemblance to amperes, LR wire colour codes, nada.

The alternative is possibly to check the colours of the wires at the back of the fuses, compared to the wiring schematic [brownie points for Haynes]; it looks as though I'll be heading that way when I eventually solve my no-main-beams [inoperative relay removed then one night sthg frazzled], kenlowe overloading a fuse that is currently bridged, temporary/indefinite bit-of-a-jumble :rolleyes:

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Strikes me if I can work out which label I should have its well worth getting a label form the dealer or a s/h cover from the right year form Sodbury or wherever.

LandyManLuke's JA920*** looks like a good candidate so far. The fuses I have tracked down seem to correlate nicely.

Be interrested to see one from an earlier model, late FA, GA******, or early HA though if only to confirm that is not a match. Seems pre FA didn't use blade fuses so that rules them out.

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Thanks Mark, some subtle changes from the later one. I'll print both out and start chasing wires, though I don't have many of the extras on the bottom row anyway, to see which matches. Did manage to go straight to the wipers fuse last night, which saved a lot of faffing about, and they're back in action again so I'm pretty chuffed with the results already :)

Edward, as long as you know were to find it that's an excellent idea :D

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My old Series 3 had four glass fuses under the steering column, but only one of them seemed to be doing anything. I could happily take out the other three and everything still seemed to work. Might have been required by a trainee squaddie electrician I guess. (Was ex-Navy). 

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