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Britians best breakup songs???

Hillbilly Raider

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So you have some air time to fill on a Sunday night...

So lets do a programe about soppy songs you listen to when you get dumped!

No 1 All time song?........................................

ABBA the winner takes it all???? the winner takes the P*** more like!!

What a load of dribble!!

Got me thinking though what is your all time fav dumping/dumped song?

Mine is one most of you probably have never heard of, its by

Skeeter Davis

The end of the world.

"why does the sun go on shining

why does the sea rush to shore

dont they know its the end of the world

cause you dont love me any more"

nuff to make you run for the kleenex!!!


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There are a few

I used to be into

'The Feilds of the Nephilim' Moonchild album but I can't remember what I was called

'Gun and Roses' Lies album ' I used to love her but I had to kill her' :o:blink::huh::lol:

'Rage against the machine' Killing in the name

'Linkin Park' & 'Papa Roach' have a few good ones

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'Smack my bitch up'


yeah that will be the one :lol::lol:

Hey the 'The Feilds of the Nephilim' cool most of that ablum maks you want to slah your wrists if you listern to it too much.

And people reckon the sisters of mercy are gothic you have not seen anything untill you hear the nephs

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