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Battery terminals?


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Ok, been trying to fit new battery tonight as old one is dead. But...

after playing around for a while I am thoroughly fed up (with what should have been an 'oh so easy' job) - I have always assumed that the battery terminals are all a standard size, but the positive terminal does not want to fit as it appears to be too tight. Am I missing something really dumb here? Negative terminal is fine. Terminals are the other way round to the old battery though....(ie +ive used to be nearest rear of vehicle but is now at front).

Anyone got any ideas? :(



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James, No doubt someone else will tell you more in depth, but ill have a go....

When i had a battry cable made up by a local motor factor, the chap that did it asked whether i wanted negative or positive terminals,

he said the difference is in size, ie one is bigger than the other, so if your new battery has say positive terminals and they are say the larger of the sort, And your cables have got negative terminals and are say the smaller type they wont fit as they will be like you say too tight,

I am unsure as to which type is the larger of the two types, but im sur all that is needed is a replacement cable terminal of the correct size to suit and all will be well, Although i could be totaly wrong :unsure:

Hope this helps


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Sounds like the wrong battery to begin with. Which will be the start of the problems. How was this one selected?

Face the battery with both terminals on the same side as you. If the +ve is on your left the battery is a 'left hand positive' and if its on your right its a 'right hand positive'. The cable not fitting problem is common as they are often just the right length for the correct battery to be fitted. I have 2 perfectly good batteries sat in my garage which are the right size dimension wise to fit my RRC & the terminals are the right size but they are the opposite way round & without changing the cables I can't use them.

Also several different sizes of terminal are in use.

Sometimes it may be necessary to just open up the cable terminal slightly if it won't slide easily down onto the battery terminal.

I take it you have compared the terminal sizes on the old battery & this one?

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