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What is a popular brand name or model for an aftermarket tachometer that people are using with an 300Tdi engine?

I've been searching on fleabay, but the selection is too numerous and confusing. :wacko:

Obviously I'm looking for an electronic tach that will take the impulse from the "W" terminal on the alternator, but are electronic ones all the same? I've seen many diesel boat tach's but can they be used on a vehicle?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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I havent bought yet but I will buy from McGill Motorsports they have an good price

FWIW, I did quite a wide net search, and in Feb 09 I was quoted US$72.25 by www.egauges.com, in USA, for a VDO 333-156, which is a black model from their Vision range, 0 - 4000 rpm.

The next best quote I had was GBP76.98, for the same model, from Steve.Wilson@continental-corporation.com. Hope this helps.


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