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Whats the difference ??

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most 300 tdi's are leccy too (mine is)

most 300tdis? - really i thought leccy speedo came in 98/99

T boxes are the same. the speedo issue raised above here is only the pinion that goes into the T box, leccy and gear driven are interchangeable.

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Interesting .. I'd never even heard of this.

The TD5 engine management takes into account wether the TC is in low or high to alter the throttle map. In high the engine reacts faster to the (electronic) pedal to give a more nippy feel, in low a bit slower to gain control.

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Mr Western is most probably correct. My box came without the drive so I just used the old one.

Yep, I swapped from a cable drive speedo to the electrical transducer driven speedo [Td5 units] on my '89 110 LT230T & didn't have to touch the drive gear in the transfer box :D

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