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4X4 info wanted


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Hi guys

i been trying to remember the name of a 4X4 that was made in romsey hants (i think) from what i remember it was made in the 80's and was fitted with a perkins engine (dont sure which one).

It also had chrysler axles fitted to it with free wheeling hubs and one thing that sticks in my mind was it had three windscreen wipers across the front and was A BIG 4X4.

can anyone remember it or got pic's?

Many thanks Nick

p.s. sorry it's not much info to go on but someone i knew a long time ago had one and it's been bugging me for sometime now what it was.

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If it was big and had a Perkins in it, it would have been so slow it is probably still in the 80s :)

I vaguely remember seeing something like that in the mags but don't remember the name sorry.

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