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insurance woes

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hello, i am 18 years of age and have got a 1992 90 200tdi with a 2" lift and getting insured seems to be a big problem, all the companies we have tried either said no to my age or the modification or the two combined, i have been insured on it before but took it off to do some work on it over a 5-6 month period and now not even that company will insure me again with no real explination. All this is with my farther on the insurance with his 7 years NCB.

can anybody help me on this one?


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Have a read HERE to see how I've been getting on the past few days. It may save you some time on the phone.

My advice is when you phone a company, before you give them ANY details, ask them if there's a chance they will insure an 18 year old on a modified Land Rover. Most will tell you straight away if they will or your swear filter is there for a reason in the wind. And could save you a 15 minute phone call before they tell you they can't help. Or come back in a year when you've got a years no claims. How the hell can you get a years no claims, if noone will insure you! :angry:

Good luck! I'd be interested to know how you get on.


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its carp really i paid 1300 third party when i was 19 (21 now) with no no claims on a n/a 90 un modded.

really you either need to get on as a named driver on direct line on someone elses policy-although i dont like it as its cheating. or try cis as they might insure you. or post office, they were always quite good.

just expect to pay 1500 ish for third party if your lucky

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Cheers for all the replys, looks like ive got some ringing round to do,

ive tried footman james and lancaster but they dont like either my age or mods.

its no wonder why so many people these days lie about the spec of their vehicle, its made so difficult and drawn out so long when your on the phone just to be told no the vehicle is to modified, i mean how much damage can 2" do anyway?

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hi, ive been having the exact problem these last few weeks, im 17 and been trying to find insurance on a TD5. the main problem ive had is most insurance companies see it as being over 125hp and so wont even touch me till im over 25, but it doesnt sound like you'll have this problem.

in the end ive managed to get the NFU to cover me for £800.

thats with my mum as the policy owner (years of NCB) and its an over 25's policy + me on the side! we had to meet with the branch manager and make alot of fuss to get it that low, also we've been good customers for years.

i would recomend trying Quinn though as they've insured a friend on a similar model to you for about £800

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not wanting to open a can of worms here but as someone who never had a policy to ride on the back of i find this whole thing of going as a named driver with your mum quite annoying-i note i said it earlier but the more i think about it i disagree with what i said.

for years young people have always jumped on the back of a policy with perants to get it cheaper-i remember an ex gf's mum even said that her daughter was the main driver and the company didnt seem to care, so im sure they dont play no role in the situation.

anyway from my understanding if you arnt insured as the main driver, but are the main driver its illegal-and if you were pulled in it by the old bill more then twice within a certain time peroid you insurance is invalid. i also understand that named drivers have a huge issue getting payouts after accidents. dont take it as gospel, i just had a chat with a very helpful broker.

whilst i understand insurance is expensive, i find it quite galling to pay and have paid large sums of money for vehicles when younger people pay less with no no claims! is this not one of the many reasons younger people get a bad name/pay so much insurance.

i know there are some people who genuinely do use family cars, but im sure not everyone does.


rant over, il get off the soap box

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Guest noggy

ive just turned 18 and a 1986 90 thats been converted to a hardtop (makes difference apparently) and had a 200tdi put in it.

and on my own it would cost nearly 1500 and on my dads with 30 years NCB its 495 quid with the NFU.

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It IS illegal to have yourself listed as a named driver on someone elses policy when you are infact the main driver, however i can see why people do it, it you'll get away with it for the most part until you have an accident. At which point the insurer will come along and say "we dont belive your the main driver as you have another vehicle, yaddya we're not paying out"

Yes young people are more risky, but i do sometimes feel that companies take the tiddle. The problem you have is that the companies that would normally insure you as a young driver and give you reasonable quotes wont touch you as your driving a modified landrover. If its not a Station wagon most insurers see it as a commercial vehicle, and its modified to boot which makes it even harder to find cover.

The current insurance system is a joke, when your struggling to get cover on a TDi landrover, yet my brother at 21, insured an Audi S4 (which has 265hp, two turbos and a V6 engine) fully comp for 800quid in his own name. Ok your a few years younger, but its a bloody landrover. That fact alone tells you your less likely to be drag racing up the front or trying to play Touring Cars down a B road!

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I have now FINALLY! got insured on it now, the company is kwik fit for 2100, its quite expensive but i can handle it monthly..just. When i had it insured before i was the named driver when in fact i was the main driver which as some have said its illegal, this time however i we have done it properly with my dad as a frequent user which still brings the price down, so im happy :D

thank you for all the help

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