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Side exit exhaust... in stainless!


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Thought you might like to see how I did mine...

I wanted to retain use of the standard exhaust hanger just in front of the old rear box.

Off with the old box, then 63mm stainless as a 90deg bend and a fabricated bit from a chap up the road.. Bob's yer uncle and Fanny's yer aunt!

Hope it's of interest!



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No difference at all when you remove the back box.

I did, however, feel just very slightly sorry for the recumbrant cyclist (you know... one of things that they lay back and pedal, with handlebars beneath their backside...) as I pulled out to give him some clearance on a narrow country road.

Having been idling along behind him as there was oncoming traffic, he got treated to a great gob of soot and smoke... well, the old girl has done 212k so can be forgiven for a little belch here and there!!

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