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Joining winch powerleads


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Do you mean a 'removeable' way of connecting power leads together? If so.... Anderson connector

As far as a junction box goes, what's wrong with the battery terminals?

And a not-so-removable-way is to fit a suitable eyelet to each cable end, bolt them together and slather the joint in self-almagamating rubber tape. Up to a point this also works for more than two cables, but it isn't pretty: Bowie69's suggestion is much better.

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k, the problem is, I am running out of space in the battery box for many different large power leads.

I have one pair for the winch, however I want to run more large power leads to each end of the land rover with Anderson power plugs at the ends so I can make a set of jump leads and so I can run accessories on trailers etc etc.

So, what I was looking for was a junction box where I could have one lead running off the battery to it, then separating out so I can connect several leads together.

They wont all be running at the same time ever, so it wont affect the feed lead.

Something like meccano said is perfect, however ideally a few more terminals and a bit more robust and sealed, as it will probably end up under the landy next to a chassis rail.

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300A version, from Maplin.

Out of stock at the moment, but if you insist on running the winch power leads from somewhere other than the battery terminal this is the sort of rating you should be looking at IMHO.

I think you'll struggle a little to get them completely sealed TBH, without a massive increase in cost :(

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Do you mean this isn't the way to do it?

It's ok, it was wrapped in some pvc tape.....



That looks scarily similar to mine at present...:lol:

Bowie69, I like the look of the box you sent, shame about the cost each!! :(

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Ok, so for jump starting another land rover or large diesel, would there be a large draw of 300 amps or less?

Could I run one dedicated lead for the winch and then run another lead to a bus bar(For running jump leads and other 12volt items)

Also would you run the negative leads back to the battery? (only thinking is it necessary as to save cable and mess!)

Or is it necessary to run them back because of the current draw from the positive side of the battery? :rolleyes: (now confusing myself! :lol: )

Anybody got any pictures of their set ups?

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For cables up to 35mm2 you can buy an insulated junction box called a meter tail block from any electrical wholesalers, these take about 6 cables and have mounting holes ready to bolt them down.

Screwfix also sell them, part No 11497-27 £3.57 :D

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Self-amalgamating tape is affected by oil - it makes it go all gloopy. I used some last week to affect a temporaryt repair on a radiator hose, which lasted for a few days, but started to leak again. The tape had engine oil dripping on it and it had gone soft - almost like RTV.


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