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Quick question regarding engine flushing

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modern oils are good at cleaning out engines & holding any crud in suspension, so not worth the extra expense of buying the flushing oil., get it up to full operating temp, drian the existing oil,change the ilter & refill with fresh oil, job done.

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If you don't know the history of the engine, then it's worth doing it at least the once.

It's worth mentioning that if you have a heavy build-up of black deposit inside the engine, then it may block the oil strainer inside the sump if a lot of it is dislodged. Remove the oil filler cap, stick your finger in the hole and wipe the underside of the rocker cover to see how bad it is.


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FORTE Engine flush is amazing stuff :)

I used some on a 3.9V8 that was coming apart for a rebuild, it wasn't amazingly Black+cornflakey but

everything was solidly caked on hard black finish :lol:

I changed the oil (left the filter) using cheap oil, then added the Forte and went for a 20 mins drive...

Then dropped the oil, it came out balck as anything, then pulled the engine to strip

I was stunned - the pistons rings rods and all other internal parts looked as if they had been

chemically cleaned at an engine shop - makes for rebuilding a much neater solution. However

as a word of caution washing away all the deposits may casue a bigger issue for you - namely tolerances -

it may be that flushing an engine and removing the carbon build ups also takes away the clearances and you can end up

with bearings that knock and need immeadite rebuilding :(

If you do flush then another new filter when the new final oil goes in



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