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Painting wheel arch spats

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Not sure if this helps but i painted my 90 with sythetic enammal and i spilt some on the plastic arch :angry:

Lets just say nothing in this world will remove it - tried petrol, nail varnish remover cellose thinners etc

Bearing this in mind i would say you could just paint them with sythetic enammal and i am sure it will never come off

Hope this helps Chris

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if you want to keep them black, just use normal boot polish & buff them up.

Thinking of painting them white to suit the rest of the 110.

I have a few small specks of paint on them from painting the lanny roof and it does stick the s$%t to a blanket but im wondering about when the full spat is painted and flexed at any point-boviously dont want it splitting or cracking.

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When I painted the mat black spats blue on my old 110, I just used cellulose top coat with no primer at all. Never cracked or peeled, last time I saw it about 5 years ago they were still good after about 12 years of abuse.

I don't think the white would cover black without some primer though.

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this is what you want .

plasticare trim dye


i have just used some today to black my wheel arch extensions and the door mirrors , the front light surrounds, the grille , rear fog and reverse light covers and door handles .

great stuff, just put it on with a cotton cloth and rub it on there .

any residue you get onto the paintwork you can just wipe off using thinners or spirit wipe .

need vinyl gloves when putting it on .

the bottle it comes in is not that big, just 150mm tall and 60mm wide , you just dab some of the fluid onto the cloth a few times so its nice and wet and then wipe over the plastic and you will see the rest .

this stuff is coloured black and is a little like thin paint , but is a plastic dye , it isnt like the other junk you can buy which is merely silicone or other clear liquid .

i buffed my landy paint last week and ended up with all the plastic turned a greyish white colur due to the rubbing compound being sprayed all over it whilst i was running the buffer over the body .

i did have some fluid that they use on wheels and plastic trim , which i initially cleaned the wheel arch extensions with but they have gone light grey again in the week, so this time i have blacked them with this dye and it works great .

i dont really care what is actually in the bottle, because it worked a treat and was easy to do .

i only found it by chance after doing a search on ebay .

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