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Where Da Ya Live!


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G`day all, as most of you know my Misses and I are currently living in the UK. We have been over here on and off for the last 10 years. Hopefully in the not to distant future we`ll be on the move back to a warmer climate. :D

Before that I spent the previous 25 years in central NSW, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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G`day all, glad to see you all over here, thanks for adding your location, its good to know where your all from, to get a better idea of where every is likely to go bush.

Its also helpful when someone is after location specific advice.

Thanks again and welcome aboard. :D

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You may be wondering where all the poms are on this chat....well they're all out celebrating you guys loosing the ashes... B)

Ex Rhodesian / Zimbabwean then became ex - South African now planning to be ex- pat but still currently living in rural UK near Peterborough.

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OK the score so far is 13 to 3, maybe we need to get a few sheep in here to get a few more Kiwi`s on board to even the score up a little. :D

As well as the odd token Pom and Rhodesian / Zimbabwean.

Question is, what is Ali going to class himself as, a Pom or an Aussie. :P

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Well was live in Eastleigh near Southampton. UK

But as we have sold our house and moved out we are living at my brother house untill we go to Aus on 7th November

Where we will stay with Sue's parent in Laidley Nr Brisbane, or with her brother in the Seven Hills, Brisbane

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Well at the moment my application is in progress

I'd quite like to live in Ontario, near the great lakes. however 90% of the population live in that area apparently

so the simply answer is ANY WHERE that'll have me :lol:

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