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Wiring troubles

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While changing the speedo cable this evening I leaned on an air pipe and the mud behind it made a crackling sound, kind of like an electrical short. Very much like an electrical short, in fact. Removing the hose gave:


Outstandingly the engine ran fine, started fine and didn't misbehave or flatten the battery. It was chafing on the wiring support(!) around the back of the engine.

Can I buy a new engine wiring loom? Will I have to mortgage a house? Can I get looms with upgraded alternator wiring, or just bridge the standard wiring and run a welding cable around the engine in parallel?

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I just made up a new engine loom for my 90 by cutting off the burnt wires near the multi plug and joined new wires in, soldered heat shrinked joints. Got a meter or so of each wire in the appropriate size and colour(s) from VWP and used some of the extra flexible battery cable for the alternator. A lot cheaper then a new loom section.

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It is indeed the (all-round better, quieter and prettier) 300Tdi unit, but still uses the 2.5NAD engine loom.

I've splashed the cash and bought a new loom. Looking at the old one I've had to repair the fuel solenoid spur, the oil pressure switch spur, extend the water temperature spur and put new connectors on the alternator bit - it looks like a mess of crimp connectors, and I'd rather buy a new one so I don't have a big bunch of more crimps just below the 6-way connector on the bulkhead. They've even put a chunkier bit of cable in for the alternator for me.

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