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A Megasquirt Conversion - why didn't it work ??????

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Davecrx is not allowed to play as he knows the answer

Another MS conversion I had a call on - which "Wouldn't run"

It was a "Come tonight money calling" type call :D:)

SO I went.........

Checked ALL the wiring - fine

Swapped Edis and Pigtail

Swapped VR

Swapped ECU

Changed Plugs

Checked spark = YEP

Check VR Gap

Checked Coils and wiring to Coil Packs etc

Swapped CTS (getting desperate)

Checked TW setting

Swapped plug leads for mine

Swapped VR Sensor

Tried easy start - sort of fired

Checked Fuel pressure - Fine

Fuel pump ran and relays worked

Swapped relays :lol:

Megatune all looked ticketyboo and OK

And a load more - so

Best guesses

Why didn't it start ?

Answer (if nobody gets it) will share tomm night :D

And he was not happy at the reason why it didn't run (Hint)

Off you goes :) ...........


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I'm guessing it wasn't getting fuel for some reason - as you say it's got spark and i'm assuming air, tried to fire when spraying 'fuel' into the air inlet? fuel pipes on the wrong way round ?

or were you trying to make a diesel v8 ?

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I was about to type Nooooooooooo

It got fuel and was plumbed right

But you've got it

was a 200 tdi

A tank full of F Diesel doesn;t help :rofl:

Christ it smoked a tad when I plumbed in petrol :rofl:

I now won't take anything for granted with MS Conversions - a real winner :lol:


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