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how to remove the a frame ball joint?

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You will have removed the balljoint carrier?, which is just a lump of cast iron with 2 holes in it that join it to the two arms. Undo the 2 x 13mm head bolts and then either press or beat the carp out of the balljoint until it comes out of the carrier. The new balljoint has to be pressed in (bashing it in will wreck it). Align it by using the 2 x 13mm bolts, then bung a local garage a tenner to press it in for you.


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Or do it the really hard way like I did. Cut the stem off flush with the joint, drill through close to the edge, cut a small section out of the joint and tap out with a hammer. Takes an age but it does work, the downside of living miles from a garage and an independant cuss to boot.

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