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8274 Lubrication


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straight 30 non detergent.

I've heard someone uses EP80-90 and even ATF

but the Warn recommended is SAE30

I got 5l from Mole Valley Farmers

it only needs 6 fl/ounces [uS, liquid] = 0.312 252 821 pint [uK]

a standard Tea mug is the correct amount

don't overfill as it Will leak

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But we is all in this country where 20fl/oz is 1 pint

mind you America has 5/4 measurements in wood

But the Winch is American as is the instruction booklet :P


Phil at PG winches uses EP90 IIRC he knows what he is doing

the manual says SAE30 so that's what I always use.

5lt (UK) goes a long way

I've rebuilt a few and still have loads left.

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IMHO :P , a low viscosity gear oil should be the best choice.

I think they have specified 30 weight as they want a low enough viscosity for decent low temperature flow so as to avoid power consumption and allow the oil to climb up the gears to the upper ones. They have avoided multi-visocsity, detergent engine oil since the additives are not the best for gear use.

Back in the day, there was no such thing as a low visocsity gear luibricant, so engine oil was specified. Since today, a variety of these lubes exist, it makes better sense in this application. I am using Redline MTL.

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