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New today - and a few questions to get started...


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First a very quick introduction. This is my first post on a LR forum, anywhere, so please be gentle :)

From south of England and now living in Ireland, been driving a 300tdi 90 for the last three years.

OK, introduction over I have a galvanised chassis in storage waiting to go on her but want to do a few other bits at the same time and have a few questions which I would very much like to have some answers/feedback to.

1. Has anyone ever changed the gearing in their LT230 transfer box from standard 1.41 to 1.222 and was it worth it? Does it make a noticeable difference on revs/noise?

2. I have a fair amount of oil on the chassis underneath my turbo. likely causes? I disconnected the hose off my turbo and stuck my finger in, there's a little bit of play side to side in the turbine - is this right? or is my turbo on it's way out? not noticed any power related problems with the turbo mind you!

I think that will do for now.

Thanks a mill.


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Can't help with either question, but welcome to the forum anyway!


p.s. I have no real knowledge of turbos, but from and engineering point of view it would seem to me that if you can feel play then there is too much. Anyone care to set me straight on this?

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There should be a tiny bit of play in the vains as it runs on an oil film bearing principal. you know if its on its way out as there will be oil leaking either into the exhaust oulet or the intercooler/inlet manifold. does it smoke a little too much when normal driving? if not then you're probably ok.

Oil in that area could be from the oil drain on the turbo, or oil inlet for that matter. (mine a disco 200tdi by the way) I've not got round to sorting this just yet.


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side to side play in a turbo shaft is quite normal unless its brand new, and mostly vanishes once it has oil pressure.

What you need to check for is axial play, ie try and push/pull the shaft and see if it moves in or out. This is more indicative of turbo wear than side play.

The 1.2 ratio seems to be well recieved by most people, however you may find that unless you increase the engines power output you will sometimes find it struggles more on inclines and things, requiring a downshift where it would be fine previously. This is mainly due to the fact that your engine will be turning slower for any given speed, which makes it quieter etc, but at the same time means its producing less power.

The biggest complaint ive heard is with people pulling heavy trailers, as 1st gear ends up a bit too long to pull off with the weight and you end up giving the clutch hell to get moving.

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This is my first post on a LR forum, anywhere, so please be gentle :)

Do we come over that bad? There's a tetchy few I'll grant you, but still!

A friend had a "Desmond" done on his 200Tdi and found it OK, but he never really loaded the car up or towed.

As said above, a little play on the turbo shaft is vital and the oil is most likely to be coming from the turbo drain or possibly the feed pipe. Check they're both done up, the clips on the flexible pipe are tight and the pipe isn't split.

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Thanks for all the replies, I wasn't expecting so many answers! This surely is a great forum.

I use the Landy mostly for pulling trailers and carrying loads so I'll have a long hard think before changing the ratio, thanks Aragorn. As for the turbo, I'll take a proper look this weekend, it may be the dipstick LR90 as it's never been attached to the block since I got her, might have to cable tie her to one of the hoses to stop her moving.

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