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90 exhaust advice

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Im going to have one made up so thinking to ditch all teh boxes and have a pipe out the usual place at the back etc.

whats the score with MOT , has anyone done it, worse case was thinking a small box towards the back if its going to be a touch and go on the mot

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Depends on what engine you have, how good your hearing is etc.

I thought my 3.5 was too quiet with the standard silencer setup, however post Billing and after hearing some stupidly loud 8's I now think that its perfect! Almost silent at tick-over but still roars when you press the loud pedal.

Also I wont go deaf on the motorway (Well not from the engine anyway, the transfer box is another matter :ph34r: )

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On my 200 tdi 90 I don't have any silencers on it at all-to me it sounds ok and seems to have gained a small amount of power too, I've had my MOT done about nearly 3 months ago now and nothing was said about it not having any silencers on it



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A Tdi or TD will never be as loud as some of the chav exercise boxes that are running about. Now if you had a Roller Griffon under the bonnet with straight pipes that would be a different matter.

You might at a push get a Griffen in the back of a 110 ;) what a cool idea...

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