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May i be the first?

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Pedal rock hard suddenly = clutch fork :(

Easy test is remove clutch slave from the flywheel housing while still connected to the system. Gets someone to gently press the clutch pedal while you check to see if the piston moves outwards. If that works ok, then gearbox off I'm afraid Mandy.

Les. :)

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Welcome back Mand. You took the series didn't you?

No shame in getting the flatbed home, saves fuel ;)

yes we did, thought the Raider wouldnt make it!

so now we have the choice... mend the series or take the Raider to Italy in 6 weeks time.

place your bets now! :D

(anyone got a 109 for sale? :lol::lol::lol: )

Nige I thought it was a willy too!

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[smug git]http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=5010[/smug git]

After replacing a very leaky clutch master cylinder on a rather splendid 300TDi 110 CSW, the pedal was rock solid, and what small amount of movement there was produced a worrying creaking noise from the bell housing. The recently replaced slave was checked and worked ok, so after advice from this forum - the gearbox has to come off.

You could do a girly tech post Mand -

I got under the Landy to start work on removing the gearbox, but I chipped a nail which made me cry, so hubby had to do it.

I wanted to check the tyre pressure, but they were grubby, so hubby had to do it.

After topping-up the engine with oil - the windscreen washer makes the screen all smeared and horrible.

I'll get hubby to check it.

I thought the black nozzle was for black cars, hubby is very angry and talks about things I can't understand, such as petrol one is green. Best let hubby do that in future.

I'm going to buy a blue car next time, these black ones are rubbish!

Les. :D

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i think you misunderstand.

It was the Series we took (his truck)

the unreliable Raider stayed at home (which by the way is NOT black)

My nails never get chipped(dont have any)

Oil is not a problem (Tonk always nicks what spare we have)

Tyres (pressure? they still have air in them !)

And last but not least....


yours in girliness

Amanda Jane.

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Ok lets get this over and done with!

This year it was our turn to come back (from Ireland) on the flat bed!

I am sure Tonk will be along sometime during the week with the photos.

Still twas a grand week! :D:D:D

Had this before on one of my Landies.

If the pedal went down a bit and then roacj\k Hard. It is the Thurst washer jaming it self in the flan part of the clutch. New clucth time

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very unlikely, it had just driven 100 miles or so on road then suddenly happened. its not a siezed master cos i cracked the union and the pedal moved easy enough. it was about 3 in the morning though so the flatbed was called

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