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Rear axle breather routing

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Is there any best recommended route to take extended breather from rear axle to the engine bay - thus avoiding hazards such as exhaust, springs, bump pads etc etc. If it is just a case of making your own way along chassis (presumably using big cable ties) then OK but thought I would ask since it may save embarrassment later:-)



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Any perticular reason why you want to take the breather into the engine bay?

When I got my 90 the breathers for the gear box, trans box and rear axle come up through the rear left inner light quadrant then up the door frame and out of a hole in the back of the roof. Although mine looks a total abortion, I think done properly it would look ok.

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Sounds fancy!, well the best way is just to take them forward I think by going up left of the handbrake drum... you might have to make an opening in the box channel where the seat box connects to the rear tub, 12-15mm hole should do it, just make sure you put the hole as centeral to the "center line" of the aluminum as you can, then you're not taking any strength out the beam, doing this should keep the pipes well out the way of the exhaust. then "just" feed it through/past the gear box trying to keep it in the top of the transmission tunnel, the bobs your uncle, I think the best thing for you to do is try it...

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