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From 60mph to sod all quickly - any ideas?

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Today, my Defender 90 (200tdi) was travelling at about 60mph and suddenly began to rapidly drop in speed, even on the flat. I couldn't hear any banging/clunking etc and assume it is related to a fuel blockage in the system? The movement of the vehicle (whilst not quite kangarooing) reminded me of when you fall asleep, wake up with a jolt (head snapping sharply) before slumping forward again.

I topped up last Saturday and there was nearly 1/2 a tank when it lost speed. It has been driven quite a few miles everyday - if it was down to crud etc in the system would it have shown up earlier?

Though the filter has been changed awhile ago should I change it? What could the problem be?

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check the injection pump end of the accelerator cable. mine became loose at one point and did not want to tick over or start very well. I adjusted that and it started much better. but idled a bit high. but my injection pump was also starting to die. it might help....

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I got some advice when I had a similar problem, it was to change the fuel filter... unfortunatly I didn't do that first... and I should have! defo sonds like a fuel problem. Filter is the first easy thing to look at, then lift pump... then looking for a air/leak in fuel system, then opening tank to check the lift pipe is not blocked etc etc.

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it may be one of a couple of things here .

wire connection at stop solenoid on injector pump needs cleaning and tightening up , it may be coming loose when you go over bumps and is shutting solenoid .

i have been off road going up a steep track and mine cut out on me , only 1mph too , loose connection on end of wire at stop solenoid .

lift pump arm pivot pin may have broke [ common as muck to happen on landies ] and you arent pumping any fuel through, and just relying on the injector pump to draw a small amount .

change lift pump first and fit new fuel filter along with it [ fill filter with diesel before you put it on and if you need to prime the system dont forget to switch ignition ON so the injector pump solenoid is OPEN ..

water in fuel and the filter needs changing , or filter has become loose, or one of plastic fuel lines has been rubbing against something and formed a leak on the intake side which will not show up as an external leak that you can see , check anywhere that the pipe sits against .

check all turbo hoses internally that they havent delaminated and closed up under running conditions and also that the wastegate is opening , but youll know if the wastegate opens because the power will increase as you drive , you can check wastegate arm will move by pushing the rod in with a bit of round bar or something you can push againt it with , there will be a fair bit of resistance but not too much that you will almost break it .

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I'd approach this in order of cheapest things to check first.

- Take a look in the rocker cover - If rockers aren't moving, or are only just moving, belt snapped/stripped teeth.

- Check fuel solenoid connection is sound. I've been in the position where its been intermittent and it feel exactly as you've described.

- Change fuel filter

- Change lift pump

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