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to grease or not to grease?

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do you grease a CV joint when re-assembling? or does it bathe in axle oil?

Yes, I normally put a bit of one-shot around the balls and manipulate it in.

What the CV bathes in depends on what you put in your swivels. You do need to either

- Fill the swivel with one-shot grease

- Fill the swivel with EP90

Additionally, those running EP90 sometimes decide to remove the seal so that oil flows freely between the swivel and axle tube. I personally don't think this is a great idea.

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I am still using EP90, though every time I check the front diff oil it seems to be overfull and I suppose that extra comes from the swivels. At the rear I have deliberately stuffed up the seals by pulling the half shafts in and out a few times so that the EP90 oils the wheel bearings (as in a Series LR).

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Quite the topic at the moment, as a female member of my staff has just asked a customer in my shop who was purchasing some peanuts and fat balls "Would you like me to carry your balls to the car for you?" The customer nearly collapsed with laughter and said maybe she should refraise that. Poor love, she didnt have a clue what she'd said! :D:D

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