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Updated pics of Dino!


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Despite the war and all, my mechanic in Lebanon continued to work on my truck and here's a sneak peek (brother took the pics...)

Need still to tidy up the wiring and interior, hook up the ARBs and we're good to go (testing should happen in end Sept)






We're going to add one diagonal across the back for side flops...but I think that should be it...

What's your take people?


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1. whole roof was recycled :)

2. profile is ugly for now - when the mog axles and 49s come in, it'll look better...

some more pics...







I got a rear center brake light brand new for a Freelander (with the "Land Rover" writing) at 6$ which will be done soon too...Defender sidemirrors as well...

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Well, it isn't going to called a pretty truck :P "Mogs and 49's" :D

Looks great Dino but where's the anti-theft system. First black & gold flagged checkpoint that goes through, it's going to be under new ownership.... :ph34r:

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