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connecting a defender 200tdi

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Hi guys.

I just replaced my old 2.5 NA for a 200tdi defender engine and all is going well except I don't have a clue how to hook op the fuel lines and electrics. Especially the fuel lines seem to be completely different from the old 2.5 NA. Does somebody have a picture or drawing of how it all should run?



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Yep, I followed the official retro-fit instructions when I did a 2.5TD - 200Tdi conversion. Wiring is the same anyway so that just hooks straight up. Glow plugs harness just plugged into a spare plug on the bulkhead, though this may not be present on a 2.5N/A.

For the fuel pipes I made up the ends from a set of spare 200Tdi pipes I had around, but if you get the parts as per the instructions above you should be able to make it work. I think I only had to modify one pipe, which was the feed to the injection pump, or the return from it - can't recall which.

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Thanks for the help. It's all hooked up now except the frontpipe from the exhaust. I can't get it in. It looks like I need to remove the crossmember underneath the gearbox. But this surely can't be the case, right?

How do you get the frontpipe in? what am I missing.


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last time the downpipe came off, my 110 was on a raised hydrualic ramp

it may be possible to fit the pipe from above, pass it down the side of engine so the rear end is already above the cross member, then loosely connect that to the rest of the system & the should be in the right area to be pushed up with the aid of a trolley jack/block of wood to get it fllt seated on the exhaust elbow.

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