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Nanocom Group Buy


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I've been thinking of getting a nanocom unit for quite a while and noticed they do a bulk discount :

- 1 to 4 Units = 0% discount

- 5 to 9 Units = 10% discount

- 10 to 19 Units = 20% discount

- 20+ Units = 22.5% discount

Is there anyone on here who might be interested in joining in on a group order ?


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Def interested. I'll need some time to recover from Christmas, but it seems it might take a while to make the numbers anyway. Having said that, I don't know whether the Nanocom even does what I'd want it to do - adjust my speedo for my different diffs and wheels? Program a NNN ECU for my MSB Td5(s)? Tell my BCU to turn my fogs on?

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Apologies for not updating this thread. I actually ended up joining a group buy on another forum ...

It won't adjust your speedo, I believe it will let you put a different map on that holds the msb config. tune - though someone else would need to confirm that the map and the config. tune are bundled together. I don't know about the BCU though I'm afraid.

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