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TD5 oil light stays on at idle


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I'd say get a gauge on it. A proper [mechanical] oil-pressure gauge on the dash - in place of the original clock - was one of the first things I did when I bought my 90.

For reference when completely warmed-up my 2001 TD5 running on 15W-40 fully-synthetic oil reads 45PSI when the engine's on the rev-limiter, and around 15PSI at idle.

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where did you plumb it in ?

I fitted a T-piece in the hole where the warning-light sender fits. Warning-light sender then screws into one leg of the T-piece, the other leg has a 1/8BSP thread for the nipple that takes the small-bore Nylon pipe to the gauge.

(I put some spiral cable-wrap round the nylon pipe over the length thats close to the turbo & exhaust-downpipe as the idea of the pipe melting and spraying hot oil all over the turbo is unattractive).

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Don't forget a oil pump does not create pressure, it only creates flow, the pressure is created by the oil clearances between the moving parts. I am guessing the pressures you gave us in Bar. 6-8 Psi seems in the region of 0.5 Bar which puts the pressure exactly where the switch will put the light on.

75 Psi hot/normal running temp is 5 Bar that don't sound right , I can see this happen when cold and running the wrong viscosity oil.

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75psi at 4000rpm doesnt sound that unusual to me, my Audi produces 5 bar oil pressure by around 3-3.5k once hot, and its PRV opens around 6bar.

The odd bit is the suggestion that the relief valve is supposed to open at 4 bar. If it opens at 4 bar, and the engines producing 5 bar, it suggests its jammed closed. But if its jammed closed, surely it couldnt then cause low pressure at idle. I guess it could be jammed slightly open. Enough to cause low oil pressure at idle, but not enough to stop the pressure exceeding 4bar at high RPM.

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