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Gearbox advice

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I have recently bought a 110 defender 1995 after my old one (identical year and body) started to need more welding on the chassis.

Having driven it in now the gear box needs attention:

Can't change down from 5th into 4th; I have to go into 3rd then into 5th

Can't engage the transfer box; I could when I test drove it

The gearbox is now starting to make wizzing noise

I visited a local garage who specialise in gearboxes and he had a discovery gear/transfer box same year on the shelves already to go.

Could I ask for advise on replacing the gear/transfer box given that it is from a discovery (I believe it is a r380); I have been told that they are better runners on the road but a bit high for off road???

Many thanks

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A Discovery R380 gearbox is not a straight swap for the R380 gearbox in your Defender 110. The shifter arrangement etc. is different.

As for ratios it depends what sort of driving your doing. Off road won't be affected as the ratio in low range is the same for both transfer boxes, only high range is different from Defender to Disco.

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Mmm. We travel from spring to the end of summer on the roads and then I'm back in Yorkshire for the rest working on the moors, so a bit of both usage wise. However the travelling costs more fuel so a suitable gear box would benefit my pocket more in the long run.

How does this fit with the discovery box? Is it costly to fit?

Gearboxes haven't needed my attention as yet so a bit to learn, but we never stop learning. As much advice as I can get, as this landy is staying with me for a long time and want to get it right now at the start.

Many thanks

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£400 and £200 for fitting 6mth warranty

Why not give Ashcroft Transmissions a call, you will get the correct box that will fit properly for around the same price. They recondition gear and transfer boxes and have a very good reputation for good quality. Second hand is always a gamble and at that kind of money if it were me I would rather buy a reconditioned unit.


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you'd need to either strip the box down and swap the selector shaft for a defender one, or buy an adaptor piece to allow you to fit the defender selector to the discovery box.

You might as well just buy the correct box from the start, or have the existing one repaired.

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