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Where to put trailer electrics plug?


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I would assume under the lights is better because then there's less cable movement, i.e. every time you open the boot you need to move the cable. However, you then need to allow for extra length between whatever you're pulling and whichever side of the car you put the socket.

I put mine mid-bumper, no movement and no cable length issues.

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I have it tyrapped inside the car at roof level. If I need to tow a trailer, I have to fit my towbar temporarily and tyrap the plug next to it. I have had it in the pto hole (on a series 3) for it to be protected, but if you dunk it in mud, good luck fitting a trailer plug into it a year later! A towbar on an off roader just doesn't work basically.


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The socket for mine is mounted on the inside cover for the rear lights (on top of the wheel arch, at the back). I then run a coiled extension cable to the trailer when I am towing. The cable can go through the door seal without damage.

Since the connection points for the trailer electrics are all in that back corner, it keeps all of the trailer wiring out of the wet.

I have a 90 rather than a Disco, but I used this solution on my Escort van to good effect as well and I'd be surprised if it can't also be done on a Disco.


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I put it in the rear door of my disco to stop it getting dragged through the mud. I don't actually have the towbar fitted but I need the socket for a trailer board when the bike rack is on.

I don't think the movement of the cable in the door is much of an issue as the rear wiper and central locking cables are subjected to this anyway. As are electric windows, speakers etc in the other doors.


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