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Welding quality


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Hi Everyone

My dad and I are currently trying to convert some coil axles to leaf springs. We think the welder he have is not up to the job of welding 6mm steel and we are not getting enough penetration. My dad has welded a joint from both sides and cut it in half to look at the results. is there someone on here that can have a look and give a more expert opinion as while we are happy with the competency of our welding we are not sure whether or not we have enough power!

post-19190-0-78841800-1381829395_thumb.jpg post-19190-0-03348500-1381829444_thumb.jpg post-19190-0-30867800-1381829492_thumb.jpg post-19190-0-49857900-1381829317_thumb.jpg



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Looking at that, my first opinion is the welder is up to the job... but you will need to "v" out the work where you intend to weld

You need to do a different style of test... "v" out the edge of two pieces butt them up and weld them.... when it is cool clamp one side and using a large adjustable spanner try and snap it on the weld... take a pic if you manage to brake it

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Not a expert, but my thoughts....

turn down the wire speed a bit especially on the rear of the piece where you doing a butt weld.

did you push or drag? it looks like you dragged... if your pushing then you can use a lower wire speed and so go slower and get more heat into the piece.

also remember that your test piece is small so you will get heat into it quite quickly.

I would say your welder is up to the job, whats the amps ?


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it was a push weld. My dad is gonna do some more test welds tomorrow. Not sure what amps but its cranked up. I am based 60 miles away so cant just pop round to try some bits im afraid!

Thanks for the suggestions


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