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Rear Diff. - Problem with pitting to small gearings.


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Hi on inspection of my rear diff. I've found that some of the smaller gears (items no.2 in the

drawing below), have some pitting. What effect will this have on the differential when n use?

The diff is a 24-splined type, I also have a perfect 10-splined diff also, which should I go with?



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Has the diff been left at some time with water-contaminated oil in it (after wading?) The only time I've seen significant pitting of diff-gears has been due to lack of post-wading maintenance. If the diff's had water in it there's a good chance the case-hardening of the various bearings will be pitted too.

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Had time today to remove the rear differential and have a good look. Not good news the drive pinion

gears are totally shot to pieces :blink:, very heavily pitted, as if there were small metal fragments crunching

between the drives. Now need to find a replacement 24-splined diff. Has anyone got one going?


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As long as you check the second hand unit, it'd be easier to go with that - the chips won't have done the crown, pinion or bearings any favours, so you may end up needing to replace more, and setting up the new gears will take a little time and effort that a replacement wouldn't need.

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