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Having a good day so far


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Remember this?


I got charged £250 to have my car towed away from the car park outside my flat because I wasn't displaying a permit, despite having made best efforts to obtain one. In the process the truck damaged one of my wheels too. I wrote a polite letter to them asking for £250, plus £100 to repair the wheel (the scratch actually polished out, but shhh). No response for a month, so a second, short letter from me threatened legal action within ten days.

Yesterday, I got a cheque for £297.50! I've no idea where that figure came from, but unless it bounces I seem to have made a profit from the whole escapade. B) (For the record, my mother advises me to bank the cheque, then chase them for the rest; I feel this is excessively cheeky).

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I feel this is excessively cheeky).

You've changed. You used to be the only person I knew who asked for credit / discount at a pound shop, and offered the checkout operator at Marks and Spencer "£20 for cash". Definately bank it, then go for the rest. They have admitted their error by sending you the cheque - I'd point this out in a letter, saying that you want the rest. Hell, you can have a decent night out on £50 (well, I can - but then, I always was a cheap date)

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Hey - looking at that photo, if you got a decent sized roof rack their straps wouldn't be long enough so they wouldn't be able to take it away :)

Sue their butts for the distress of having to deal with a damaged car too. Should be good for a couple of grand :)

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I've watched them lift a box transit before now

I watched in glee as it took to the air then tipped onto it noese as the back box only had my tool case in as it was a loan van.

they proceeded to lower it to the floor and I only got a ticket as they couldn't take it away.

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Nice one, it's always good to get off something like that. Last ticket I got I handed it back to the warden, waved a letter from the police under his nose and drove off before he had time to notice it was out of date and I'd just been to the sarnie shop, not working on the CCTV camera I was parked under :lol:

Although going after them for the extra £50 is a good idea, beware if they turn round and ask you for the receipt for the wheel repair :unsure: perhaps line up a friendly garage who will write an invoice for a few beer tokens just in case your bluff is called... :ph34r:

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