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Viscous fan removal on the td5


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Has anyone got the measurements or a diagram of a tool to hold the viscous fan pulley on the td5? I know what it looks like, but would be handy to know how large to make the central hole and the points to drill to hold the bolt heads on the he pulley. I have a spanner, just need to make something to hold the damn pulley!

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Looking at the picture I took, this is the dimentions.

The radius of the arc is 21mm

The depth of the middle bit is 52mm

The top three holes (the handle I see as the top) are 11mm from the inside edge.

The bottom two are 6mm from the edge.

The bolt holes are 12mm in diamiter.

The bolt holes are centre to centre 38mm.

Hope this helps.

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I made a very simple tool for this in the end as i too had the spanner, but no way to hold the pulley and i didnt want to spend any more money.

I got the idea elsewhere and it is very simple. Two flat bars, one 12 inches, the other two feet. Drill a hole in both ends of the 12 inch bit and one end and half way up the 2 foot bit. The ends of both rods bolt to the pulley and then slip a bolt through to join them at the other end. They then hold the pulley fine and will also do the tdi and whatever else you need as they arent specific to one bolt pattern.





Easy and cheap!

Only thing was that my rod was a little bendy ( :o) so better to use a more solid bit of bar perhaps, but it worked fine really.

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