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How to secure a synthetic winch rope to the winch?


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Any suggestions on how to secure a synthetic winch rope to a Superwinch X9.

Normally the rope passes through a channel in the drum and is secured by a grub screw.

The grub screw on my X9 is rusted solid and does not clamp the rope.

The rope does pass through the channel.

My thoughts on options are:-

Tie a knot in the rope so it cannot pull out of the channel.

Use a large U clamp around the rope (a bit bulky)


Note this fixing does not take much load (the first wrap of the rope secures the rope for winching)

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I have my rope secured by passing it round the drum, and splicing it back up itself for 18" or so. Essentially, you make an eye in the end of the rope through which the drum passes. This is then held onto the drum with a length of Gaffa tape (it's only purpose is to stop the rope spinning while you wind on the fist layer).

By doing it this way, if you ever accidentally get to the end of the rope, it cannot become disconnected from the drum. I relies only on it's own strength rather than any clamping force from a grub screw or a crimped terminal.

Enjoy :)


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You need to secure it to stop it slipping on the drum. Pour WD40 into your grub screw for a few days and see if you can get it out. Strip a few strands out of the end of your winch line to form a taper.

Tape the end up and push into slot and secure with grub screw.



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Not wanting to teach granny to suck eggs, but are you aware that if you winch out (even with outload) you are likely to melt your plasma rope. I'm not sure how long it'd take, but the braking system on a X9 is such that it heats up the drum. If you are worried, then I'm sure someone will advise you better.

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I've done mine by passing the cable through a hole in the drum and using a U bolt against a knot on the inside of the drum and I never had issues and its quick and easy to change cables.

[Running for cover, cos surely someone on here has beard/socks/sandals]

H isn't on here AFAIK :lol:

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