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bolt on ipad mount for defender muddash

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Currently I have a touch screen from a carpc in a mud dash but I can't help thinking an ipad or other tablet to run the car music, GPS and even megasquirt output is the way to go.

Is there a solid bolt on mount that could mount in the middle of the mud dash ? Ram and brodit look like they have modular bolt options ? Has any one used the bolt on option ?

If I replace the screen with a metal plate would I be abel to bolt to that without it sticking out too far ?


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The ram mount looks promising seems you could mix and match a short 2 1 inch ball set up for £50 and a universal mount. I'm not sure megasquirt has an apple app so I might need to source an android tablet. Although given the angles I might be better coming off the rectangular slot at the top of the mud dash.

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I looked at that but the web site said "Sadly this project has fallen victim to a lack of time and priority compared to all the other things that take up my spare time." I wasn't sure how the current version was.

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have a look at otter box defender cases, the ipad or android device clips into a plastic cover - which will fit on the back as well. I' ve used four so far (*) and all would screw to a flat surface and very solidly hold a tablet / phone in place. The device unclips and can be removed for security, the rubber sleeve keeps the device safe and sound and provides a bit of anti vibration as well.

Its worth a look

(*) Motorola xoom, Ipad mini, Samsung S4 mini and a Motorola Atrix - so its probably safe to assume all the defender series are the same.

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The current version of MobiSquirt works for most MS1-Extra installations. As the web site says, further development has been shelved for the moment, not sure when I'll get a chance to pick it up again unfortunately.

The biggest setback was the buyout of Roving Networks by Microchip, they seem to have dropped all support for the RS232 demo boards in favour of PIC and USB based development boards. This means that the RN-134 that was the most accessible and reliable way to link to MegaSquirt is "end of line". I did make some tentative enquiries around having either a WiFi or Bluetooth module custom made but don't really want to go down that route if I can avoid it.

If you can find an RN-134 and you are running MS1-extra then you can use the MobiSquirt app.

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