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What steel to use?

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I picked up a set of freelander 1 rear seats and the associated fixing brackets.

It looks I've they are about 3inches less wide than D2 rear seats and so will be a slightly neater fit in the 110.

I need to make some framework to mount them on. I will have to cut the rear wheelboxes to slide them back a little compared to the standard position.

I was thinking of a bar across the back to support the rear of the seat, mounted in the cut out section of the wheel box and braced diagonally from around the seatbelt mount area in the tub to stop it bowing in the middle. Then a front bar probably mounted up from the current mounts.

What would you use for making this framework? I was thinking rectangular box section say 25mm x 50mm and perhaps 2mm thick??

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1.5 or 3 thickness, never heard of 2mm. 25x50x3 would be my choice, secured at the outer edges of the wheelboxes, and legs down the edges of the tub, preferably with something under the floor to take the load down to the chassis, rather than the tub floor. Friend has it made from 75x75x3 box...bit heavy I think...

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With a bit of analysis of the design, it may well be safe to go down to 1.2mm. However, if you are not able to model the loadings & calculate stress/strain, over-engineering it is a good option. I would err towards the 3mm wall thickness as it will only add a kg or two to the weight but will let you sleep better at night!


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