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replacing solid discs with vented on front of a 110

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Having read a few posts I thought that this was a bolt on job so as the discs and calipers on my 1989 110 were worn I decided that this was the time to go for it and replace solid discs with vented discs.

Got the vented discs and the wider calipers.

Well all seemed to bolt up fine, however the thicker areas on the inner edge of the hub where the studs are just catch the caliper.

Is it not a straightforward process on this age of vehicle?

Do I need different hubs? If so what from?

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I had exactly this issue using the part numbers you used, interference fit when tightened up, found a tickle wit the powerfile on the outside of the hub flange (where studs press through) and centre of caliper radius only sorts it out. around 0.8mm to 1mm clearance now. The calipers are rough castings and a tickle with the file should rub the casting to a more polished finish

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It's probably those calipers, I found they were quite meaty, after the initial problems it was all fine until i tried to bleed the front and found a weep in between the spacer on the NSF new caliper under braking pressure.

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