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range rover wheel arch flares

orange rover

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desperately looking for a set of those fibreglass wheel arch flares. devon do them, but none in stock at the moment. thought i saw them advertised somewhere else, but can't remember where. anyone knows who else sells them?



What do you need? 3 or 5 door, but think they were very similar !!

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i bought mine from Innovation 4x4.......... but no wish id used defender ones like Gwyn Lewis alters.

if you go one his website there pics of his disco with them on.

oh yes mine are on a disco with his suspension.

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Well i have 3 !! here, that can go now as the rangie bob has gone , think it the right hand rear that's missing

Bought 2 sets a while ago,when they were in short supply, used the one arch, and already sold the other full set

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Oh BTW this is where the devon ones come from

Correct, but they (D4x4) had no stock, when i needed to replace the ones on the old Bobtail,

The Innovation 4x4 are copies !! and where i got the 2 sets from,

anyone who wants the 3 new arches i have £ 60 + any post !!

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