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LED Tail Brake and Turn indicators at High level

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LED Tail Brake and Turn indicators at High level

Are there ‘standard Land-Rover’ like – LED rear light fittings that are surface mounting?

Id like to fit LED Tail Brake and Turn indicators at High level – Mainly because:-

The trailers I tow have unreliable electrics – so if you have high level lighting on the back end you have visibility ( and a slightly reduced risk of getting pulled-over)

Because in bad weather standard Land-Rover rear lighting is inadequate – and you don’t get tail-ended.

Ive done this many times, using standard Land-Rover rear light fittings with std bulbs - but if there was an option to use LED units without the need to drill over sized holes Id like to take that

Does anybody have any good suggestions?


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TD5 Defender-90s from first-release have fitted as standard a "high level brake-light" in the top centre of the rear door glass.

They use a traditional 21-Watt filament bub, but I'm sure you could fit a suitable LED replacement if that's what turns you on. The fitting is bonded direct to the glass and powered through a third track-and-blade-connection to the plated elements of the rear window demister. You should be able to source a new rear-window with the necessary circuit-tracks, then attach the light-housing, for a nice original-equipment fitting.

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RDX are flush mount but obviously require holes for fixing and wiring. I've replaced the standard front and rear sidelamps and indicators with them on my last two Pumas. They look standard but are more effective than the OE fitment. As an aside their own flasher unit is easy to adjust for the trailer tell tale too.

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For a third brake light I've used one of these type of lights:


I think I may have gone for 20LED's, but I've no trouble with them, they're reliable and none of the LED's have blown.

I have a set of these too:


They're IP67 rated and very bright!

Have a look at the build thread down below!

But I appreciate that they might not be to everyone's taste!

I can also vouch for the Standard WIPAC stop lights as Western has mentioned, they're definitely brighter than the standard units!


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