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300Tdi - how do I know when No. 1 is at TDC?

Troll Hunter

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Sorry all, but I'm having a blonde, senile, or just plain stupid moment, and I haven't yet had a bevvy. Perhaps that's the problem.

I was preparing to fit new valve oil seals on my installed engine and was about to remove the rocker shaft when this 'orrible thought came to me. Once the shaft is off, how do I know when each piston is at TDC? Should I remove the heater plugs so that I can get some idea through the vacant holes?

Please can somebody not yet suffering from mental decay point me in the right direction. Please don't give me clues, I'd have to think about the answer. Just give it to me straight. Many thanks, in advance.


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The timing mark on the flywheel give you no.1 tdc. If you put a mark on the crank pulley it's easier to know after approximately. Fix 1 an 4, turn 180 and do 2 and 3. Without a rocker shaft all valves are closed, who is firing doesnt matter. Just staryt with the timing mark, as if changing the cambelt.

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