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Differences in old and new 110 chassis

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My mechanic has a 110 chassis lying down that was rear-ended, but very little real damage. I'm in Ghana, one of the places Defenders go to die, then be cannibalized to die a hundred more deaths, so all of these things get patched, sold, and reused. They're planning to just cut off the last meter or so and weld another to it. My chassis is well seasoned (read rusted) and starting to get a few minor cracks. The mechanic says the one lying down is a "new type". Definitely has more holes in frame, and also seems to be a bit lighter steel than mine, but there's no rust and seems to be in otherwise good condition. What are the differences, and what might I step into buying this? I can probably get it for less than $300.

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I'm not 100% certain but I believe the 90/110/Defenders largely covered all body types, unlike the series where a 109 hard top chassis needs some extra brackets if it's to have a station wagon body on it. There are also different engine mounts depending on what it was built with. Up to 300 I believe are all the same, the 300's are different, but what happened TD5 and after I'm not sure, I'm more of a Series man than coiler

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Think the main difference in the Td5 ones not having the rear "tabs" the body bolts on to. Td5 has a loose strip.

The stationwagon has an extra cross beam but that is bolt on AFAIK..

Put them side to side..

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The rear cross members are a bit different between tdi and td5, but if that's being replaced anyway just fit the appropriate one... If it's been in a crash definitely check the measurements are within the factory specs to the nearest foot...

Also if you can get it galved once it's been welded up


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I had a ROW 300tdi chassis, I think this was pretty much TD5 but with 300tdi engine mounts.

From recollection the differences are;

Rear tub mount is a bracket on TD5

Rails under the rear tub are wider spaced on TD5

Fuel line clip hole size, larger on TD5

Panhard rod mount different size hole

Where the lower front of the wings bolt to the chassis, there was some difference, but it's been a while and I don't recall exactly.

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